Google AdWords – SEM Campaigns Made Simple & Effective

We plan and execute a competitive Google Ads strategy for relevant search queries in your niche, so that you have plenty of new leads and clients coming in every month from the Google Search and Display networks.

All PPC Google Ads campaigns start with hours of thorough research. We research your industry, your customers, competitors, and the keywords which have the highest volume and lowest cost per click. This data helps us achieve extraordinary results for our clients. Then our team of copywriters goes to work, crafting compelling copy that’s guaranteed to speak to your ideal customer.

Facebook Ads – Reach Your Ideal Clients on their Favourite Social Network

We create robust Facebook Ads campaigns, targeting your ideal audiences and demographics locally and across North America, so that you have a steady flow of leads and clients coming in off the largest social media network in the world.

We spend hours researching your ideal audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviors. Then we create several dozen target audiences, which we rigorously test during the first 2-3 days. Then, the losers are trashed and winners are used to optimize and scale your campaigns. Also, we take our copywriting seriously, always aiming to speak directly to your target audience with your brand’s voice and tone in mind. Trust us, it works.

Organic SEO – Isn’t it Time Your Business Started Showing Up At the Top of Google?

We optimize your existing website for your specific industry keywords, so that you can be found on the first page of Google & Bing, and get more organic visitors. Benefits include faster website, higher ranking on Google, more visitors, more leads, clients, and revenue.

“SEO” seems to be the hot new buzzword on everyone’s lips these days, but what does it really mean? It simply means when people search for your product or service on Google, do you show up in the top few search results on Google, or does your competitor? This can be the difference in hundreds of people visiting your site every month, and thousands of dollars in monthly revenue. Rigorous industry, competitor, client, and keyword research is the cornerstone of our robust SEO strategy. We’ll give you an SEO “roadmap” and help you achieve it, so your business starts ranking on search engines, ASAP.

Sales Funnels & Landing Pages – for a Hyper-Profitable Ad Campaign

We create custom Sales Funnels & Landing Pages for each advertising campaign we deploy. These highly converting webpages are designed to generate leads on autopilot, and send you real-time lead notifications as they come in.

“But I already have a website,” you may be saying. That’s great, but would you send visitors from Google and Facebook and Instagram all to the same page? What if you want to advertise different offers, products, or services? Or speak to different audiences differently? Simply put, the average website is not designed to be highly-converting. Our Sales Funnels & Landing Pages, however, are. They are built to be lead generating machines, which convert visitors from your paid ad campaigns into leads, by collecting a person’s name, email, and phone number, and sending you real-time lead notifications with their info.

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